Matmor Cavaliers began in the early nineties, when like most kennels commence, Mathew bought a Blenheim dog. His breeder suggested he be shown, and in hindsight now he wasn't a great show specimen, but it only takes a few shows until you've caught the bug.

Launceston Royal Show a year or so later was a significant moment when Mathew was ringside and the most glamorous black and tan stepped into the ring. Mathew was spellbound and ever since, wholecolours have been the main residents at Matmor.

Several lovely ruby boys came to us from Philippa Micklem (Barakah) who were based on a combination of Harana & Sorata lines that she had imported from the UK. Not only did Philippa generously share her time and knowledge, but her support and friendship have been invaluable.

It would be hard to say what have been the highlights over the years, but the first champion for the kennel, Ch Barakah First Knight, and the first home bred champion, Ch Matmor Espionage, would have to be up there. While all dogs are special, a few become those who really get 'under your skin'. Grand Champion Barakah My Fair Lady would have to be the 'First Lady'. Rebecca became Australasia's first wholecolour bitch grand champion at just 3 years of age and picked up multiple BIS awards along the way. She was always the career girl and motherhood wasn't her forte, however, Multi BISS/BIS Aust. Grand Ch Matmor Fairgrnd Attractn is one of her few progeny and he has certainly done Rebecca and us proud. Richie is the most successful wholecolour Cavalier at Specialty level and is up there with the greats of the breed, his multiple specialty BIS, All Breeds BIS and winner of NSW senior point score record speaks for itself. The next generation of Matmor Cavaliers are hot on their toes and in 2010 we celebrated Richie's daughter Sabre, BISS Grand Ch Matmor Fun O The Fair, becoming Australia's 1st  Black and Tan Grand Champion at only 2 1/2 years of age. Not only has Richie had success as a show dog but he as also made his stamp on our's and other's Cavaliers as a stud dog. Richie has sired more than 10 Champion progeny including Ch Matmor Sir Guy O Gisborne, Ch Matmor Poison Ivy, and Ch Matmor The Dark Knight to name just a few. We have a wonderful team of friends who help show and care for our dogs around the country, they are all so much part of Matmor's success. Jodie & Glenn Wilshier, Kathy Polkinghorne, Christie Chapman, Craig and Jayne Schmarr & Mick and Claire Thompson.

Not only do we take great pride in what our dogs produce in the whelping box, but we are extremely proud of our success at Specialty level. In the past decade our dogs have won the following at Specialty level:

          6 BISS, 5 RUBISS, 8 CC’s, 5 RCC’s - Grand Ch Matmor Fairgrnd Attractn

          2 BISS, 2 RUBISS, 5 CC's, 5 RCC's - Supreme Ch Matmor Fun O The Fair         

          1 BISS, 1 RUBISS, 2 CC’s, 1 RCC - Ch Elfking Thumberlinamouse

          2 BISS, 1 CC – Supreme Ch Elfking Sam I Am

          1 BISS, 1 CC – Ch Loranka’s Spellbinding Harana (Imp UK)

          1 RUBISS, 1CC - Grand Ch Matmor Poison Ivy

          1 RUBISS, 1CC - Ch Matmor Sir Guy O Gisborne

          1 CC – Ch Matmor Duke Ellington

          1 CC – Ch Matmor The Idols Eye

          1 RCC – Grand Ch Barakah My Fair Lady

          1 RCC – Ch Dortmund Matmor By Design (Imp UK)

          1 RCC - Matmor La Boheme

During 2004 & 2005 we lived in the UK. Not only was this time spent working, travelling Europe and seeing the sights, but of course showing as well. It was exciting to meet so many people, including those who bred the forbear of the dogs in Australia but also visiting numerous kennels allowing us to see so many of the cavaliers and meet the breeders we have heard and read so much about. We also had success in the show ring with multiple first prizes and qualifying for Crufts. Of course we couldn't resist bringing back a few dogs from the UK and thank our great friends Lucy and Di Koster (Harana) for our acquisitions.  Several years later, the original dogs we brought home with us are now veterans.  Their influence not only through their show success, but through their progeny has been tremendous.  Ch Harana Starsailor (Imp UK), Ch Dortmund Matmor By Design (Imp UK) and Harana Sarah Vaughn (Imp UK) have been fine producers.  We look forward to the mark they leave on our current show team and our pedigrees of the future.    

Ours dogs mean the world to us and are part of the family. Whilst we have never been big breeders, those litters we have are bred for quality, type, temperament and health. Above all, our dogs bring immense pleasure both in and out of the show ring. Long may it continue.

Best wishes Mat and Will